Digital Consulting & Mentoring Service

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Omega Digital has released our new Digital Consulting Service for businesses who require an effective & highly valuable digital service. For a small fee of $2,500 (+ GST) per month, you will be given access to a professional with TEN YEARS worth of digital marketing experience and who is actively engaged in the business and digital world.

Take advantage of this exclusive and unique digital service offer

Having your own digital marketing director for your business provides a world of endless possibilities. The value is unlimited, the service is amazing and the potential growth of your business is on the line.


  • » Up to 8 Hours of Digital Consultation per month
  • » Phone, Email & Skype available
  • » Dedicated 10 Year Digital Marketing Professional
  • » Flexibility to suit your unique business requirements
  • » No contracts, no issues, no worries

/Per Month +GST

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    * These services are not exclusive. Need Exclusive? Click Here
    * Skype available each month by appointment.
    * Time expires by the last business day of each month.
    * Not available to all businesses.
    * Refunds not available.