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300% in 12 months and 750% in 18 months of SEO Growth which increased their online revenue and online enquiries.


What did we do to achieve this?

👉 Build topical authority with blog posts.
👉 Consolidated multiple domains into one site.
👉 Increased and improved our User Experience.
👉 Trace down all unlinked brand mentions. Converted them to links.
👉 Revolutionise their website architecture with new content assets.
👉 Improved their online galleries to ensure categories are now category (previously weren’t)
👉 Improved internal linking between blogs, products and category pages.
👉 Optimised footer to ensure sidewalks pass link equity to important pages.
👉 Improved click through rate with rich snippets.
👉 Focus on Google My Business. Ensure our local SEO is optimised.
👉 Build relationships with journalists to improve PR link acquisitions.
👉 Focusing on solving 404 errors and monitoring daily errors.
👉 Improve click through rates with great enticing titles and descriptions.
👉 Fixed broken external links.


300% in 12 months.

Jewellery Case Study - 300% growth Google Analytics


18 months 740% SEO Growth:
750% SEO Growth - Anania Jewellers

5 Star SEO Google Review
“To say Andrew is good at his job, is to say that Michelangelo was just a painter. Andrew is a visionary, with technical bravado and actually cares about clients getting results, being dynamic and embracing both the clients need, the best objectives of the business. Andrew will go over and above the call of duty every single time. He is the most valuable asset in your arsenal, a gentleman and a lively and spirited debater and conversationalist. You won’t regret talking to Andrew, you will regret not

Anania Jewellers SEO Case Study

14 years in jewellery SEO and you are continuously learning. But always be a student of the consumer and focus on revenue leading strategies.

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