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Jewellery SEO Case Study

A new eCommerce SEO client (Jeweller in Sydney) recently signed up with Omega Digital to improve and amplify their SEO strategy. How did we unleash our client’s maximum potential and exceed their expectations in driving our vision and mission?

It all started with a comprehensive and holistic SEO approach – providing them with an end-to-end solution. One eCommerce SEO benefit at a time.

At Omega Digital, we do not recommend a “one size fits all” package. Instead, as we adopted with our eCommerce client, we always provide a completely tailored solution – to drive results aligned to specific needs.

ecommerce SEO case study


The SEO Solution


Nine ways we tackled the tricky terrain.


With our cutting-edge SEO expertise with over 15 years of industry-leading experience, we knew that for this particular eCommerce client, we’d need to deploy nine top techniques to drive rapid impact. It’s what we do across the board to highlight the benefits of SEO for eCommerce clients.


At Omega Digital, we always get asked, “is SEO good for eCommerce websites?” and the answer is most definitely a yes – if tackled in the right way. During a mere two months, we catapulted our eCommerce client’s SEO results sky high.


How? We adopted a laser-focused approach and took the following immediate actions:

#1 Optimised Site Structure and Information Architecture


Site structure is of supreme importanceAt Omega Digital, we know that website design is the starting point of an incredibly effective SEO and Digital Marketing campaign strategy. Driving a well thought out framework will pay dividends in SEO down the track, and that’s precisely what we did for this eCommerce client.


We thoroughly researched new keywords and created new and engaging pages around those specific keywords. We also optimised the eCommerce client’s top navigation by adding new SEO focused pages that customers wanted to see and were also created for searcher intent.

What did this mean for our client? The carefully crafted pages now aligned with what Google believed the pages should be about – and we ultimately agreed.


From a design perspective, minor design changes were made. Still, these were more to do with keyword research, top navigation restructuring, and internal linking – to create new and dynamic pages and link to them from strategic locations.


The result of this first action? Our client was set for SEO success with a fresh look and re-aligned information architecture. A well-designed site is the heartbeat of your business. How the information is structured (and architected) is critical – to make it simple for your customers to access your products, solutions, services and cutting-edge insights.

SEO Jewellery New Information Architecture and website structure implemented by Omega Digital

#2 Fixed Multiple Shopify Issues

To resolve keyword concerns, we did a deep dive into Shopify. Across all areas, we wanted to ensure that we resolved any fundamental issues. With Shopify the central element of our client’s strategy, we solved a suite of sticking points – enabling them to put their best SEO foot forward.


By fixing the various Shopify issues, we knew we were one SEO step closer to achieving lasting results, impact and growth for our eCommerce client. All our actions work together as part of a complete solution and game plan to help clients amplify their brand and connect with their target market.

 #3 Updated Metadata for Click Through Rate (CTR)

It was time to put some Omega Digital magic in our client’s metadata. How? We analysed the diversity of meta descriptions being used and updated details with a strategic SEO lens.


Reviewing the words and snippets of information, we refined the metadata to drive authenticity, accuracy and excellence. This end-to-end process was based heavily on keyword research and creating new and improved titles optimised for CTR (Click Through Rate). Dwell time is a factor we consider, the time a user spends on a page from an external source such as Google’s search results. “Dwell time is the length of time a person spends looking at a webpage after they’ve clicked a link on a SERP page, but before clicking back to the SERP results.” Source


We improved clicks and overall impressions by diving into the metadata maze and strategically making tweaks to promote relevant information and actionable insights.


#4 Converted PDFs to Web HTML Pages


Easily digestible and searchable content is what it’s all about. To drive a focus on accessibility and searchability, we converted existing PDFs to Web HTML pages. What did this mean for our client? Take a good look at PDFs featured across the site to assess solutions.


Our Omega Digital approach? We wanted to ensure that our eCommerce client’s site put SEO related content front and centre. By going through the process of transforming PDFs to Web HTML pages, we created a situation where we could promote as much SEO searchability and accessibility as possible.


#5 Fixed Broken External Links


There’s nothing worse than clicking on a link for it to go nowhere. We worked with our client to unearth broken external links – and promptly had them fixed, removed or readjusted. This provided another key performance element in driving SEO results.


In a nutshell, broken links from external sites provide no SEO value, and these issues must be resolved. For this eCommerce client, we ensured we fixed these up – to maximise the impact of our Omega Digital strategy by either reinstating old URLs or correctly 301 redirecting and mapping them to a suitable location.

#6 Checked Past Top-Performing Pages


To drive our client’s success in the future, we needed a quick pit stop to the past. We ensured we checked top-performing pages previously to see if any were broken. Throughout this process, 301 redirected or reinstated them in the site architecture to drive a great SEO experience.


The reasoning and thinking behind our SEO action? Due to their existing page authority metrics, older site pages are generally easier to rank. This is something we wanted to capitalise on to accelerate our eCommerce client’s SEO results.


#7 Fixed and Improved Internal Linking


User experience is everything. As part of our SEO strategy, we looked carefully into our client’s structure to improve internal links – ensuring visitors would have a seamless experience.


Regarding fixing and improving internal linking, both search engines Google and Bing would understand pages much better by linking to them from strategic locations within our eCommerce client’s website.


#8 Optimised Titles and Descriptions With Less Than 30 Characters


Across our eCommerce client’s site, we assessed titles and descriptions end-to-end, optimising those with less than 30 characters. Our focus? Driving quality, accuracy and relevance – to align with best SEO practices.


We wanted to make every single word (and character) count. Across our eCommerce client’s site, we paid close SEO attention to detail – reworking titles and descriptions to supercharge their optimisation.


#9 Considered Search Intent Across Landing Pages

We knew search intent was high on the list to transform our client’s SEO impact. As part of our approach, we reviewed each landing page to thoroughly understand the searcher’s intent and align the content and experience.


Our focus was on ensuring that our eCommerce client’s landing pages continued to meet the needs and goals of their online customers – creating a win/win outcome where the content featured would be relevant to the searcher’s intent and expectations based on their specific search query.

The SEO Outcome

Incredible results. In less than two months.

Where did we land? The results indeed speak for themselves with a staggering improvement in SEO excellence.


Over this project, the life column benchmark (where keywords were added two months ago) increased massively. But it didn’t stop there. One of our client’s most important keywords, with close to 50,000 monthly searches, moved up an incredible 78 positions! See below.


How were we able to drive the benefits of SEO for eCommerce clients such as this? We strongly believe that the way to guarantee success for our clients is through a total dedication to exceptional customer service, premium digital services and a relentless focus on building long-lasting client relationships.


In this case study, we could drive our client’s enhanced profitability, market domination and positive returns for their digital marketing investment.

ecommerce SEO case study

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