Over the last 14 years, I have helped countless jewellers to improve their organic search visibility. Here are my favourite SEO Tips for any Jewellery company to immediately improve their organic search visibility:


1) Fix up your broken external links. Use a service like screaming frog, tap into your historical URL data using the inbuilt APIs for Google Search Console and Google Analytics, set it to the last 12 months and run it. Make sure your old broken URLs are 301 redirected as a last resort or restored.


2) Engagement Rings is your number one keyword! Do you have site wide header and footer anchor text pointing to your /engagement-rings page that Google and Bing can crawl?


3) Most popular posts can be found (make sure relevant to Australian search) or use a service called answer the public .com and create a long tail, search intent rich and topical authoritative article with depth. You could literally write an article on how much you are supposed to spend and use the additional questions below to build depth. SEOs use real tools, but I like this section…


(people also ask) to begin my research. Hidden in plain sight.


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People Also Ask Section generated by a “Engagement Rings” search 

4) A strong social media presence where you can synergise and respond to exploding topics is a good way to build links and brand awareness. For example – at time of writing this (

https://www.hellomagazine.com/brides/499680/celebrity-expensive-engagement-rings-blake-lively-rita-ora/): You could write a post on your blog in response to the most popular and

trending Celebrity Engagement Rings with videos demonstrating your expertise that can be repurposed on Instagram, tiktok etc.


5) Expand your information and web architecture with dedicated and specific gallery pages. For example, if you sell yellow gold engagement rings, make sure your URL looks something like this /engagement-rings/yellow-gold/ that search engines and users can crawl and click respectively.


6) Journalists within the fashion (specifically bridal/wedding) niche are your best friends. Build connections with them and help them to develop stories. This is difficult but hopefully I have sparked your imagination.


7) Have plenty of eye watering and image rich content. Text is important for SEO obviously, but we not only eat with our eyes, we also purchase rings.


8) Here are my specific blog recommendations to improve your chances of ranking and driving links to your articles:

  • Try to write above 1500 words. Content depth is essential. Topical authority and keyword clusers are vital.
  • H2 and H3 recommended for subheadings.
  • Table of contents with clickable links.
  • Where applicable internally link to other internal collections, pages, and products. No more than 6-8 internal links are required. Generally.
  • List & how to guide formats work well (“9 tips on how to keep your engagement ring free from scratches”) – odd numbers work great
  • Use subheadings and space out paragraphs (don’t keep them too long)
  • Add a comment section and encourage engagement.
  • Use power words – https://rankmath.com/blog/power-words/
  • Embedding images and videos is highly recommended. Videos from your YouTube channel are preferred.
  • Links to other articles are advised and products/categories.
  • Short URLs work better over long URLS for blog URLs.
  • Evergreen content works best for SEO over the long haul (content without a date attached or relevant no matter the year) but 2023 / yearly content can work well over the short term and drive traffic to other pages).
  • UNIQUE and ORIGINAL (research especially) content only.
  • Quizzes and polls work well too.
  • Catchy headlines get clicks 🙂
  • Practical blog articles where people can easily take our advice and implement.
  • Posts require Author name and date (Last Updated: 09 September 2021)


9) Be an education hub. Discuss. First thing would be to expand your site with content about diamonds…Obviously…Here is a window into a very small part of 6 tab rich jewellery focused information architecture recommendations:

























Did not mention these in the original article, but here are a few tips on improving your Google My Business rankings for your location based keywords like “jewellers Sydney”

1) Get a Google verified photographer for 360 photos. https://www.google.com/streetview/business/

2) Respond to every Google reviews.

3) Get reviews from various locations once your happy customer has returned home to widen the net of relevance. Do not cluster reviews from within immediate location.

4) Post photos and videos from Google My Business.

5) Send location maps links to your business to your customers in emails so Google is recording trips to your business.

6) Build citations from sites like WAZE, Social media and others regularly.

7) Make sure your NAP is updated across all channels. Name, Address & Phone.

I hope these tips and the tips mentioned in my article improves your search engine visibility.


More information about a recent SEO case study: https://omegadigital.com.au/case-studies/jewellery-seo-case-study/

Got further questions or require feedback, email me directly andrew@omegadigital.com.au