We really try our best to explain to potential clients that SEO is a long-term strategy. And at times, the first 12 months is not the highlight or best time to calculate ROI to date. When your business is about to embark in SEO and digital marketing, ask yourself – where do you want to be in the next FIVE years?

From 1,500 users per month to over 60,000 (and climbing)! How did we do it? 3900% Growth.

Successful SEO campaigns require resourcefulness, strategy, perseverance, and the ability to tell a unique story effectively.  A big secret to SEO that most SEOs do not really talk about much, is that you really cannot help everyone and that a big part of SEO and online marketing success involves the actual business itself and the leadership team behind it. Ultimately, it all comes down to how customers perceive the business, its online reviews and visibility. We believe that visibility increases credibility which increases user engagement which can be translated into likes, tweets, follows and contact form conversions.

What makes this case study so success?

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Well the truth is, that the owner of this company is super passionate, has energy that could power New York City and an engine that rivals a dodge viper. He really wanted to succeed from day one and did pretty much everything we told him with exceptions of course. And these exceptions are literally being ironed out as we speak because our results speak for themselves.

Crushing it online requires hard work and a real belief in what you do as an online marketer and business builder.

Success is extremely fulfilling from a personal and professional point of view. It is not just about making dollars, rather the thrill of the journey! That is what we love so much at Omega Digital.

Brett Gilleland Google Review

I have been working with Andrew for 6 years now to build my site…

The level of knowledge, professionalism and his passion is something i have not seen in this industry ever… I feel extremely lucky to have such a powerful resource and asset working on my business and can honestly say that no matter what he charges, i feel comfortable knowing that Andrew has my absolute best interests at heart. This has been from building such a strong relationship over a 6 year period…

I have had to make many budget cuts over this time. Andrew and his services will NEVER be one of them…

Brett Gilleland
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