SEO Business Membership Program

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Omega Digital has released our brand new SEO Business Membership Program for small businesses looking for personalised service and advice. For a small fee of $750 (plus GST) per month, you will be given access to a professional with THIRTEEN YEARS of digital marketing experience and who is actively engaged in the business and digital world. We will provide your business with easy to implement recommendations each month that will over time increase your website traffic.

This is a consultation only service.

Take advantage of this exclusive digital service offering by Omega Digital Marketing.

Let us help you navigate the complex and competitive digital marketing world.

SEO Coaching Service

  • » Up to 4 Hours of Digital Consultation per month.
  • » Phone, Email & Skype available.
  • » Exclusive Facebook Group access to ask tough questions.
  • » Dedicated 10 Year Digital Marketing Professional
  • » Flexibility to suit your unique business requirements.
  • » Technical SEO suggestions to improve your website.
  • » Content recommendations to improve your rankings & clicks.
  • » Consultation & education guaranteed.
  • » No contracts, no issues, no worries.

$750 +GST
/Per Month

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    * These services are not exclusive. Need Exclusive? Click Here
    * Skype available each month by appointment.
    * Time expires by the last business day of each month.
    * Not available to all businesses.
    * Refunds not available.