Many factors are involved in SEO success and the time required. Too many to include in this article but a few key points worth bringing:

The length it takes to get results are based on these and there are others:

  1. Age of domain name.
  2. The current authority of the domain/ who is linking to you currently.
  3. Current amount of pages on the existing domain and their SEO performance to date.
  4. Competitors and their existing authority and projected growth
  5. SEO authority metrics of the existing domain – basic backlink profile factors.

The big SEO wins in under 6 months are achievable but you also need the right strategy in place. The above is key but below are another 5 majorly important components that are essential from the get-go.

Here are 5 super important SEO components to get right!

Technical SEO!

If your website is not optimised for page speed, user experience, and basic SEO fundamentals like page structure, internal linking, headers, metadata, robot instructions, and more are not done right nor maximised to their full potential, then you’re at a big disadvantage moving forward. Technical SEO is key to unleashing your website’s full SEO potential.

Keyword research!

Finding the gems that your target market is searching for is a must and should be actively researched by your SEO team. Keyword search volume fluctuates month to month but spending time analysing keyword trends from tools like Google Trends and research new keyword opportunities from services like SEMRUSH, AHREFS is continuous. Keywords that are low competition and medium-high search volume are the roses among thorns.

Content Strategy!

Is your website growing in new areas? Are you exploring new functionality like quizzes to engage with your audience? Are you creating a content strategy that is built upon user engagement? Engagement is king, not content alone. Anyone can create content but rather having a strategy in place behind the content creation is far more superior. A simple and effective content strategy could be expanding on a popular topic in your niche or industry. For example Diets. Let’s say you have a page on your website about the most popular diets. 2000 word page. And then you have a link internally to specific diets like:

  1. Keto
  2. Paleo
  3. Low Fat
  4. Detox etc

So in summary, you have a page on your website like /diets/ which contains 2000 words about popular diets, why some diets and fads don’t work etc but that is where it ends.

A great content strategy would be to create more specific pages with internal links to these pages and perhaps even a sub-menu in your top menu navigation with these specific diet pages. Your URLs would look something like this:

  1. /diets/keto
  2. /diets/paleo
  3. /diets/low-fat

Not only have you created more content, but it is content optimised for both keyword searches, created more URL structure depth, and provided a better user experience among other things

Content Creation!

Content strategy is super important. If you don’t know what type of content is going to work, then you’re creating content that is basically like talking to yourself. No one is listening nor caring nor engaging. Creating blog content and embedding your social media videos from youTube is a simple strategy that works really well.

Keyword research is at the base of a successful piece of content. Make sure you research what content is currently winning in the market and devise a strategy on how you can make a piece of content even better. With every piece of content, you must ask yourself, is this the best piece of content in the area that I can find? Is it the most in-depth? Does it engage with my users? Does it answer the anticipated search user’s intent? Ticking this box is paramount. Ask some honest questions. There is so much content on the web already so the line to beat and become better continues to become more difficult each day.

Link Acquisition!

Who links to you is like an endorsement. High-quality links are fundamental to a great campaign but more importantly links to your website that you did not have to manually build are even better. Natural link acquisitions work but it takes a content creation strategy and outreach methods to achieve them. High-quality links are not optional, they are mandatory and highly important.

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