Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a subject all businesses are dying to know more about. Competition within SEO has grown dramatically in the past decade as more businesses invest money in trying to boost SEO within their business search results on search engines like Google.

Let’s get started.

1. Why is Google Search Algorithm changing every second & What is the impact of the Google Core update on website ranking?

Google is continually updating the algorithm to ensure it is providing a better user experience each and every time. Google wants to ensure that each time you or another user search online, are able to find what you want as quickly as possible. The entire Google vision is to make the worlds information more accessible. And to achieve that, would be to ensure you are able to find exactly what you want in the timeliest manner possible.

As a search engine, Google has to continue to tweak its algorithm to improve the accuracy of their search engine results as blackhat techniques change and become more and more advance. Blackhat SEO is an attempt to achieve high search engine rankings through manipulative and deceptive tactics banned by Google’s official search engine quality guidelines.

Google needs to fight the hackers and spammers, to ensure the most accurate and relevant resources and websites shown possible to users. No user wants to visit a website with a low-quality design that does not meet their expectations nor objectives for visiting the website in the first place. The click back button will inevitably be pressed and no doubt Google will also take this data into consideration.

The Google algorithm is also evolving to meet the needs of our ever-changing user behaviour. For example, our obsession with mobile devices has largely changed how we search for information and view websites. The shift from desktop to mobile becoming the dominate device for search, Google has had to adapt its algorithm for MOBILE FIRST indexing, meaning, websites should largely be built to FIRST consider how it looks and functions on mobile primarily, and then a desktop second. Historically, building a website was largely focused on DESKTOP.

Long form content and a comprehensive digital marketing strategy is definitely an effective strategy to increase brand awareness and qualified traffic to your website. Focusing your BLOG to deal with issues, questions and concerns from your target market around a particular product or service is an essential strategy in my opinion for every business to implement.

We use this strategy to increase our clients organic (SEO) traffic and it clearly works.

Screen Shot 2019 07 31 at 2.07.56 pm
Above is a chart of our clients organic (SEO) landing page visits to our blog content and we have done very well to find and research amazing content ideas that have led to an improvement in search engine rankings but more importantly, strengthen our clients brand equity and professionalism in the marketplace.

Long form content strategy will also help your future voice search from Google based devices. When a user asks a question like “How do I connect my modem to my computer?”, the content that will be audibly delivered to a user will contain the number one search result. Therefore, producing engaging and valuable content based is absolutely vital to begin implementing in your business TODAY!

In summary, the key reasons why Google are updating their search engine algorithm are as follows:

  1. How we use technology
  2. How we search and what we search
  3. Fight spam

2. How can you optimise YouTube search for your video?

Make sure you have a keyword at the beginning of your title that you also use in your description.

When it comes to your description, you want it to be detailed, explaining in detail what your video presentation is about and how people can either find more information about you, your channel and your business.

Regarding your tags, add in your keywords that you believe your target market will search for.

Once you have your video set up and ready to publish, you want to share it across all your platforms to encourage people to view your video. You want to do this without spamming people but present them with the value they will be getting from your videos.

Always promote liking and subscribing to boost your chances of coming up in a YouTube search and above all, provide an impressive piece of content. The better value content you provide, the higher chances you have of coming up in a YouTube search. Ask, and you shall receive.

3. What makes SEO so difficult?

The key factor to why SEO has become so difficult is due to an extremely advance Google algorithm, in addition to an increased level of competition in the search environment over the last decade. Most businesses in 2019 understand the importance of First Page Google rankings.

When I began my digital career 12 years ago, the SEO industry and Google’s algorithm was far less complicated and far easier to game. Google had a difficult task of understanding the best content on the web as a few easy tricks could easily increase your search engine rankings if you knew how to do so. I believe that blackhat SEO has forced Google to quickly advance their algorithm which when all things considered, has helped to deliver better search results with plenty of room for improvement.

Fast forward to 2019, producing the best possible content, user experience and customer journeys is just the beginning.  

You largely want to build a content campaign which can easily attract links on its own over a long period of time to achieve higher search engine rankings. Easily said than done. Focusing on user experience and delivering the best possible experience to customers should be your first website-based objective and measure PI’s related to that such as time on site, pages per session and a lowered bounce rate overall.

Another very difficult component of SEO is the amount of time required to get results. Patience and staying on path can be difficult and often discouraging when results are not achieved in 12 months plus. There is no short-term SEO, they often refer to Google Adwords/Pay Per Click for short term rankings. SEO is definitely about improving your search engine rankings but in addition to user experience, better design for the current device of choice and ensuring your website is ever changing and evolving are the best strategies and positive outcomes of a successful SEO campaign. Tweaking and testing various new forms of functionality and continuously thinking of new ways to improve communication with your customers is also very important.

Final thoughts

SEO is a subject everyone is dying to know more about. Often confusing to most beginners and enthusiasts, SEO need not be an over complicated and secretive process. The best form of SEO is to build brand equity and awareness through content, User Experience, design, communication with customers and external promotions. Creating buzz around your brand should be the result of high-quality content, a great overall business model and other startegies you could consider.  

The best SEO strategy builds brand!