We are constantly surprised by the amount of clients who have been damaged by a company’s search engine optimisation practices. In 2014, surely an SEO analyst and his company must understand or at least acknowledge that search engines are far more advanced at detecting and monitoring dodgy black hat techniques than in the past. We ultimately want to inspire change within the SEO industry.

One of our clients recently approached us because he was worried about the previous SEO Company’s tactics and the effects it may have on his business going forward. For his company, SEO is extremely important and the sheer urgency to get another opinion led to a major turnaround in his campaign. We are happy to report that we have helped him greatly and are continuing to do so.  How did we improve things? All we essentially did was shift his entire philosophy from simply “keyword rankings” and worrying about whether a link was followed or nofollowed, to brand awareness strategies and marketing ideas. Not to mention our unique approach to content creation.

Any company we speak with for the first time regarding SEO, we ask them three important questions:

  1. How would you compete if you owned a coffee shop among tens of others in the same street?
  2. How do you stand out in a unique way?
  3. What would you provide to ensure a high level of customer retention?

Most clients provide us with an interesting but similar answer. That is, to ensure we deliver the best product, build relationships with our customers, provide loyalty benefits and ensure that customer service is a top priority. In other words, provide both tangible and intangible VALUE! Converting this into the SEO and digital world, would essentially mean that the strategies we have in place, all start with the right business & marketing philosophy.

On the other hand, if the SEO or “online marketing specialist” starts with the philosophy that his clients company should be on the first page of Google, because after all, he works with X SEO COMPANY, then all of the strategies subsequently, will have a toxic philosophy. This approach is quite common among our market place. These types of SEO analysts will always be playing catch up to Google’s or Bing’s algorithm updates, and immediately checking rankings once the hint of a new  search engine update has been mentioned. They will be worried about whether their blatant & abusive strategy was detected. I also find it ironic, that an SEO company (who should understand basic business principles) would allow for such unethical practices to be conducted in an industry where the search engines themselves only care about showing the best content available to their users.

Why would you not even bother to help your clients produce real content that offers real value?

Most companies I encounter today agree that developing long term marketing strategies are key for growth and profitability. In the offline world where Google and Bing algorithms are non-existent, marketers understand that creativity and out of the box ideas are essential for their client’s company’s. Offline marketers need to carefully consider their marketing content and the most effective mediums to get their information out to the public.

The types of clients that Omega Digital are pursuing on a daily basis are businesses who are passionate about offering real value to their  own customers or clients. We enjoy working with businesses who ask themselves tough questions about how to be found in an age where content and information has exploded and will continue to do so.

We hope that you took something away from this article. Something to ponder over your next lunch break or on the way home? The type of philosophy and value you bring to your clients table? Sustainable growth or quick but short lived traffic boosts?

Please comment in the section below, as I would love to hear your thoughts.