Whether your business outsources its SEO work to an agency, contractor or pays for in-house services, these five things should be considered to help facilitate both long-term business growth and development.

  1. Set up your social media and business profiles. If you’re operating on a B2B basis, focus on LinkedIn and Twitter. If your focus is B2C, then Facebook, Instagram and maybe Pinterest are your key markets to penetrate. It’s better to focus on one social medium perfectly, opposed to many poor attempts.
  2. Run special offers and trials (if you have products) to entice to new customers to your business. Promo codes can be an effective strategy. Live chat can improve user engagement with your brand onsite. Email marketing outreach can be an effective way to continue to resell your products or services regularly.
  3. YouTube is an effective social medium for any business. Promotional videos, How To’s, helpful advice/tutorials, are all effective ways to engage and increase online conversions. You will soon discover that people would prefer to WATCH something than read it. Now that Netflix, Stan & other video based on demand mediums are available, people like to watch content On-demand. Creating video content on YouTube lasts for a long time, and the repeatability of new customers/clients finding your video is forever present. Try to create meaningful and highly engaging content and don’t be scared to give away a few secrets about what you do.
  4. Customers are more likely to trust you when they can clearly see your expertise and knowledge about a specific product or service. Many people will contact a professional rather than attempt something for the first time.

  5. The age-old “content is king” phrase was relevant 150 years ago, and will continue to be for the next 150 years. What content is interesting to your users? Content is not only text but also image, audio & video. If you’re a health brand, infographics on the nutritional benefits of certain foods like chia, nuts, grains, etc. will be a great way to illustrate these facts to prospective customers. Remember, what makes quality or great content is subjective depending on the industry you are specifically targeting. Build it and they will come is not a good way to develop your content strategy. Writing content regularly helps keep your website fresh, provides a technical reason for the search engine such as Google & Bing to come back (no one reads yesterday’s newspaper) and helps increase your search engine visibility. It is important you write content that your target market is actively searching for.
  6. Manual link building outreach. Make sure your business is in the top directories for your location. Directories like True Local, Yellow Pages, Hotfrog and of course, being verified in Google Business. Don’t be afraide to ask for reviews for your business as it can be helpful and beneficial for your search engine rankings. It is also worth contacting other companies, professionals, bloggers & influencers in your industry and direct message them about your website, content, and point of difference. What would it take for them to use your content in exchange for links that point to your website?

With these various online strategies, your aim should be to keep your new customers engaged and connected to your online community, whether via a social media subscription, email subscription or even a bookmark in their browser. Using SEO to increase your returning customer base is hardly spoken about, but it is extremely important if you wish to continue in business for many years.

Many businesses survive purely on word of mouth, and while we endorse a strong offline word of mouth strategy, an online word of mouth strategy can be even more beneficial in the long term. Keeping your customers/clients engaged regularly ensures that your business will stay top of mind.

We hope these strategies have provided some food for thought and we look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions, or you just want to say hi, we would love to hear from you.