My favourite social media strategy that has helped Howard from – an absolute legend of a guy is to document his work daily and spend hours after work building content.

This is a great way to demonstrate expertise and to deliver value to your potential customers and the experience they would also have while working with your brand or business.

Too often, I find business owners/entrepreneurs too romantic about who they are, their core values, their business model, etc, and everyone should simply use their services or buy their products because they are who they are. I find this a little defensive in its approach rather than adopting an offensive romantic marketing approach that goes directly to the end consumers in an engaging format that has been proven to work.

I like to get a little romantic about the experiences others will have while working with OMEGA DIGITAL and to continuously display the relentless passion and determination to see our clients not only hit the top pages of Google but to develop a real brand backed by continuous innovation and diverse marketing strategies across various platforms and emerging technologies.

Business = Innovation + Marketing

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