Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing tactic still used as part of any business for their online strategies.


When we say SEO, we mean how you are found on Search Engines like Google or Bing. So why does SEO matter in 2020? Well, as we know, the driver of online content has dramatically increased as businesses transform their marketplace to be driven by the online world.


But, of course, with the rise of social media and other marketing platforms, some might start to think SEO is becoming a less popular strategy. WRONG, it still matters, and here is why.

Why SEO Matters in 2020


People are using Google and Bing currently in the masses

Search Engines like Google and Bing are still HIGHLY used platforms. The term, “if you don’t know it, Google it”, is still a method we use in our daily lives with problems or queries we might have. According to the Digital 2020: April Global Statshot, Google was the most popular website with the most page visits across the globe.


Making SEO a strategy is important for any business. Why? Well, if you want your website to be found by your customer, you want to rank highly on Google for the relevant keywords so people will find your content.


Ensuring you have an SEO strategy and an SEO friendly business, means you have a better chance of ranking on Search Engines like Google – REMEMBER this takes time and work!

SEO is Great for Long-Tail Search

When someone types into Google, they are taking a question or are using certain keywords to describe to Google what they are looking for. Google then searches the web to find websites that are relevant to the user based on those keywords.


When you create content using the keywords or the long-tail keywords (these are the phrases used), you have a better chance of being found by Google. BUT what you need to remember is, your audience is your most important asset, you need to be creating content for THEM, not Google.


So, you want to be a thought leader and create content that shows you as the expert and authority but also builds trust. Every 2 weeks you might look at creating content that answers those long-tail keywords people are searching for.


When you create content for long-tail keywords, you also have a better chance of featuring in the “featured snippet” section on Google. These sections are the most clicked on! Long-tail helps with voice command too – more on that soon.

Having an SEO strategy helps Drive Brand Awareness

Why does SEO matter? Well, because it helps drive brand awareness to your business. How can you do this using SEO strategies?


  • Backlinks: you can work with other sites and content creators who also generate interest from your target audience. If you work with them and get a link back to your page, this is showing YOU as the thought leader. But of course, the content has to be relevant and of a high quality
  • Long-Tail Keywords: as mentioned, greeting content to educate using long-tail keywords will also help with your brand awareness. It will help to position you as the leader in your space. Your aim is to create content to inform and educate your audience

Brand awareness is a very important factor in your marketing strategy and should not be overlooked.


Search Engine Optimisation is Great for Technical Innovation and Optimisation

SEO matters because it also helps with the user experience once someone lands on your website. Let’s talk about technical SEO. This includes some of the following:


  • Page speed: how fast your page loads
  • Featured snippets: being featured in this section of the search engine
  • Optimised for mobile: if your site is easy to use on mobile
  • Optimised video and images: are your images tagged with the words relevant to your content
  • Website structure: is it easy for people to buy from you etc.

Working on the user experience of your audience will ensure a GREAT experience every time they land on your site. The more you work on the backend and technical components of SEO, the more your audience will land on your page. The more views will also lead to Google seeing you as a player in the game, which means they will deliver you to more people.

SEO Works in Conjunction with Voice Command

With the rise of voice command, Search Engines will play an important role in delivering the right content to users. If you can create content using long-tail keywords that answer the questions of the person asking “Google Home” or the like, then it increases your chances of your content being delivered to your desired audience.

SEO will play a critical role in the increased use of voice command. Making sure your website and content is the most relevant to your audience will help you to be seen as an authority in the world of voice command.

Final thoughts

Why does SEO matter in 2020? It is helping your audience to be delivered with the best possible outcome every time they search for the information they need.

At the end of the day, it is and always will be the customer experience that needs to be heavily considered when optimising content for SEO. You shouldn’t be creating for Google, you create for your audience, so they get their desired outcome.

When you implement an SEO strategy into your business you are doing more than just tailoring content for Google. You are creating brand awareness, improving the usability of your website and are creating the best information possible for your audience.

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10 Quick Reasons Why SEO matters in 2020?

  1. People are using Google and Bing currently in the masses.
  2. Great for long-tail search.
  3. Great for driving brand awareness.
  4. Great for technical innovation & optimisation.
  5. Great for the coming voice SEO revolution
  6. Technical evolution and optimisation of an important business development tool, your website!
  7. Great SEO adapts to new user demands and expectations.
  8. Great SEO generates and builds links to your website because first and foremost, drives brand awareness and qualified traffic to your website. Not only to improve your short term Google and Bing Search Engine rankings.
  9. Brand driven SEO is super powerful right now. For e.g when customers type in skirting boards, a popular variation of this parent keyword is “Bunnings skirting boards”. Brand + unbranded keyword searches are such an underestimated way to increase rankings for the unbranded variation.
  10. Great SEO is UX driven. Rankbrain friendly SEO first makes sense from a customer perspective than a Googlebot algorithmic perspective.

    Andrew’s favourite SEO quote to date:

    “What makes sense for SEO, makes sense for your business”


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