Dear Potential Client,

Omega Digital SEO Agency Sydney

Hiring a strategic partner alone won’t guarantee your company’s success. When it comes to your SEO activities, you need to ensure they are compliant with Google’s guidelines and that you will not be subject to penalties due to any Black Hat tactics. As a Founder, Marketing Director, or E-Commerce/Digital Executive, you must adopt a long-term SEO strategy to ensure online success for your organisation and minimise your traffic loss. Building your business using brand-driven strategies is a great way to get results in the present but to also strategize for the inevitable change in how we consume content and be ready for those ever-evolving and emerging technologies.

Some people refer to me as a Traffic Driver or Traffic Converter, but I prefer to think of myself as an online marketing expert who focuses on developing successful SEO strategies. From starting my career as a website developer, my roles have advanced towards helping companies define and implement their online business strategy to achieve their corporate objectives. My core focus is now to connect all the moving parts of the online experience to deliver quality traffic that will progress along the sales funnel from warm prospect to paying customer.

As a member of Advanced SEO Australia and with successful deployments at Kennards Self Storage, Recall, and Bing Lee to my credit, I formed APG Web Studios & Omega Digital to delivering a more consultative approach to my strategic offerings. By working in collaboration with business owners, marketing directors, and related titles, I am able to develop creative strategies that translate into incremental revenues and bottom-line success.

I renamed APG WEB STUDIOS to OMEGA DIGITAL and became Australia’s first truly exclusive SEO agency. We do not work with our client’s competitors and our total dedication is to our client’s success. We do not lock our clients in contracts as we simply keep our clientele on merit, results, and our overall success long term is based on the foundation of our intense workloads we implement for our clients and a very strong relationship with each of our clients.

Our small client base is proof of our boutique no-nonsense business model built to survive on one simple fact, client results, or go out of business!

I would love to speak with you about how we can grow your brand and become an important member of the OMEGA DIGITAL family.

Our vision is to unleash our client’s maximum potential as every client and brand has a maximum potential that continues to grow over time. Your staff, business model, product or service and your ability to grow your business is a major component in your online success that many agencies do not think about or admit. There is a client responsibility in the overall SEO & Digital Marketing success of their own business. However, together we believe we can be an instrumental force in building your brand build online not only for the present but for the future planning and execution of your digital strategy through our relentless pursuit of excellence, passion, commitment, and determination to unleash your maximum potential and to build your brand using our exciting range of digital services currently on offer.

Please feel free to contact me today to discuss your online marketing requirements. / 0410 709 839.