In this first episode, Andrew discusses why SEO is important for your online success (in some cases).

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a key player in the digital marketing space, is a driver to help your business to be seen on search engines like Google. One of the most common questions asked is “Why is SEO important for Online Success?”.


SEO is tough and competitive, but having an understanding of how it works for your business and how to implement SEO strategies into your online content is extremely important for you and the longevity of your business online.


One thing you need to remember when we discuss SEO is that, it isn’t sales, it is a marketing strategy. The next thing to keep in mind is that user experience should always be in the top of your mind when creating content or when making edits and changes to your website. You do not do it for Google, you do it for your audience.

So why is SEO important for Online Success?


Consider this question, what is your website homepage set to? Or what is the homepage your computer has been automatically set to? Chances are it is a Search Engine website (unless you are on a company computer and it is your Intranet).


The point from this is, Search Engines are still being used and they are being used a lot! The reason why SEO is so important for online success is, people are still using search engines like Google to find out answers to their questions or solutions to their problems! If SEO is the strategy to help you push further up the search rankings for a search term, then yes SEO is important for online success.


Most of the time, people searching are very qualified leads to your business. So, make sure you help them find you by creating the content they need! 

Voice Search is the way of the Future

As we now see, Google Home and voice command devices are becoming increasingly popular! Even the way you talk with people online now is moving into voice messaging.


If you rank for terms like “How can I buy a cheap engagement ring?” and people are asking their devices to answer that question, chances are you will be displayed to your ideal customer. If you don’t have an SEO strategy and you aren’t tailoring your content to help with peoples needs, voice command is not going to find you when they search through the data online.


SEO is Great for Technical Improvements on your Website

What do we mean by technical improvements? Well, these are the things including page speed, being mobile-friendly, and ensuring you have done the little tweaks and changes to your website that improves the experience your user has when they land on your page.


If you ensure your targeting “long-tail keywords” (this means phrases for statements related to your business), it is easier for your customers to understand what you do and how you can help them!


Making those technical changes to your website and improving the user experience is a key component of online success! If you have all of these aspects sorted, Search Engines will see you as an authority and a helper to the person who is searching for a problem to be solved.


Technically SEO is the fundamentals of your website. Branded SEO is about user experience and consumer demand.


A Great Tool for Branding & Building Brand Awareness


Building a brand is key to the longevity of your business. This is where brand awareness plays an important role. Some of the ways you can build more brand awareness by using SEO techniques include:


  1. Using Long-Tail Keywords – as mentioned above, you can create content using questions or phrases to answer a users enquiry or pain point. You can create blog articles and clusters of content to help you be seen as an authority in your industry. Getting an audience to remember you is key, it comes down to quality content.
  2. Link Building – thinking to other pieces of content online and also getting people to link to you is key to building more awareness around your brand. Of course, the more people think of you, the better chance you have of being found. The more you link to other sites, the more you are seen as a trusted business who wants to give your audience the most important information.

What else do you need to remember with SEO?

Planning an SEO strategy and the types of SEO to focus on is very different for each business. Some just need to build more content and create more engagement through a content marketing strategy, while others need to improve the usability of their website. It does always depend on the business, the size of the business, and the goals they want to achieve.


What all businesses need to remember is, user experience is always the number one priority. Content creation is always important, but it needs to be content the audience will engage with. This is why a content marketing strategy is also important for online success. 

Final thoughts

Search Engine Optimisation is FAR from dead. Search Engines are still a very popular tool used online and with the increase of voice command, will continue to be used, just in a different format.


SEO has many benefits for online success including improving user experience through technical SEO and creating more brand awareness around each business.


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1. People are still using Google & Bing Search.

2. It is going to help you with voice search.

3. It is great for technical improvements on your website to increase sales & online enquiries.

4. Still a great tool for branding & building brand awareness.

Search engines are still being used!

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