Good SEO is SEO that optimizes in the present in a white hat manner.

Great SEO is SEO that builds your brand equity, instills trust with your target market, builds consumer confidence, and is constantly telling engaging stories that matter most to their customers.

Providing a narrative of what is possible when a customer/client engages with that brand? Powerful stuff!

Good SEO vs Great SEO


As an SEO expert of 13 years, I would love nothing more than if SEO remained as it was in 2008 but this is now how the world works. I remember debating a fellow colleague in 2008 when we argued what is most important for SEO? Links Vs Content Marketing? Links are massively important mainly for SEO as we know it. Content Marketing will always be an essential marketing component across all digital platforms. The end.

“Content in marketing is money to a stock market” ~ Andrew Glyntzos

As a digital marketer first, SEO second, my perspective is far beyond SEO. Informing, inspiring, and educating my clients (and podcast interviewees) to adopt an evolutionary mindset towards SEO and to view it as a marketing channel that is only available for a specific amount of time before inevitably transitioning to a whole new world of search is my professional obligation.