With the world booming, social media and technology growing in popularity and an increasing amount of businesses trying to reach for success that just finding a way to stand out in the crowd in an abundance of competitors to expand your business can be a hard task. An increasing amount of businesses are moving towards the world of the internet to promote and showcase their content to a technological driven audience. Websites are the virtual shopfronts that drive success in today’s marketplace, but here is a thought, what is a shopfront without a sign? Is it enough to only have a bare website floating around on the internet waiting to be noticed? This is where SEO becomes a priority.

So what exactly is SEO? You may have heard the term thrown around randomly when researching ways to promote your business, but seemed too farfetched when trying to grasp your heard around the idea. In technical terms,

“SEO is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Optimisation and it is considered to be a set of activities and methods which help to improvise the position of pages in search engine results especially those which have been generated by Google.SEO also promotes and improves a website so that it is able to gather an increasing number of visitors to the site. Many different aspects are related to SEO, from the way other sites link to you on the World Wide Web to the content of your page. ”

In better relatable language best understood in an analogy, let’s ask the question again,
so what exactly is SEO?

‘Imagine there are two fishermen, one represents your business the other, your competitor. Obviously to catch fish requires you to use bait, so both fishermen place the prepared bait on their individual hooks. One fisherman has decided to use plain, generic bait such as bread often used by amateur fishermen as it a limited alternative known for getting a few bites and capturing a few small fish.

The other, being the smarter fisherman who has researched bait options and ideas has decided to use a premium bait unique for not only getting bites and luring fish in, but is also known for its capacity to capture many large fish which ultimately is the goal of every fisherman.

Which fisherman represents your business at the moment? Or more importantly, which fisherman do you want your business to become?

Just like a fisherman’s choice in bait, SEO is a way which can help you target your main audiences and increase traffic to your brand to help promote and capture who you will soon be calling clients or customers. By offering unique content and specialised specific keywords which epitomises your business is what makes your business stand out to be seen, over the generic others who stand before you trying to become successful in your field but fail to because you have done your research.

Getting to know SEO can be your key to understanding the crucial steps in optimising your business to reach higher goals and successes in your businesses future.