I have been going to my local coffee shop over the last two years since it was opened. I walked in one day to give it a try, mostly out of curiosity, to taste their coffee and see if they can match or better the current competitors in the area. There are many coffee shops around so I didn’t think too much of this particular one when it opened. I even remember thinking to myself in a cheeky manner, I give this shop three months and it’s out of business. Coffee shops in my home town close down faster than they can serve you the coffee. If this coffee shop is to succeed they must and I mean must, do something which separates them from the rest. God only knows, Padstow does not need another coffee shop.

What I found out very quickly with this coffee shop, is not only did they last the first three months of opening, but they really cared about their customers by going the extra mile for each and every one of them. The owner would come and talk to you, get to know your first name and check up with you on how happy you were with the food or coffee after your purchase. There was something very special about this place and it stuck out to me instantly. They were perfectionists in every detail, from customer service, to the quality of their coffee, cold beverages and hot food. I was immediately impressed.

A year has passed, and my local coffee shop has remained opened and building up their loyal following of customers. The customer service, food and beverages are going strong and they have mentioned to me they wish to expand the cafe and offer a selection of delicatessen style food. YUM! I have also seen many improvements in how they approach each of their customers, understanding each of their personalities and how easily they can adapt from one customer to another. It is truly remarkable. They have gone the extra mile to learn about each new and existing customer along with their own set of character traits.

What really inspired this article, is just the other day, one of their customers walked in and took the initiative to clean their own table after a group of people got up and left. I have been to many coffee shops over the years, and I have never seen or witness such an event. For one customer to love the place so much, as to take the time and effort to clean up the cups and plates and walk into the back kitchen and pass them over to an employee, for me is extraordinary. That kind of effort from a customer, just displays how special this place really is. I strongly believe customers feel special every time they visit this coffee shop because the owners make a conscious effort to get to know each and every one of  them on a unique level.

My local coffee shop has inspired me and my business greatly. Especially as though we are in a very competitive industry ourselves. I have seen how important it is to not only deliver a great level of customer service but to learn about each and every one of my clients. I have always believed in offering an elite and unparalleled customer service from the very beginning, but to actually witness how powerful it is right in front of my very eyes has been an extremely rewarding and eye opening experience.

For that, “my local coffee shop”, I say thank you very much.

Details of this coffee shop if you’re ever in the neighbourhood:

Lys Cafe & Gelato
3 Padstow Parade
Padstow NSW 2211‎
(02) 8764 0710