From a client’s perspective one of the most common frequently asked questions for Search Engine Optimisation is, “How will you improve my Search Engine rankings?” For Omega Digital, the big picture is this,

Your business must already be great, but why does it seem like no one knows about it? Do you just want major or further growth for your business?

You may already be fully prepared.

  • You may have your shipping times (if you’re business focuses on ecommerce) structured and organised that your products get to customers on time.
  • Your reviews are mostly above 4/5 and you are open to building content that will attract remarkable attention and result in big authoritative brands linking to your website.
  • You love the hustle and are extremely passionate about what you do. If you are not leading already in producing content, then you will need to be!
  • Your company has a culture of giving and sharing. Being nice goes a long WAY in SEO and in the real world!

We have developed a Client Acquisition Model, because we understand that we cannot help every client. It takes a sort of special someone with a special business for us to flourish together! It is vital to understand that the most important component of competing online is what you can do for your customers. Many people and companies go into online marketing with an attitude of ‘What can you give to us?’

There is far too much competition online for a dark approach like that. Competition online requires old school hustle and the ability to never take NO for an answer. Our best and most successful clients found ways to get our recommendations over the line and therefore saw the benefit in the long term. We could go on, but we would really love if you picked up the phone and called (or emailed) us about our approach as we are happy to discuss this or any other questions with you in further detail and we will decide together, if we are a good fit. One of my main roles is working together in a partnership and the biggest thing I look out for, is whether you can keep up with us month in and month out!