Strictly business Ep9 Andrew & James discuss SEO for personal brand branding

The number one question I get as an SEO professional is “What are my customers searching for on Google?“. In this video, I break down a simple way to find article suggestions for your blog to increase your brand awareness & search engine traffic using basic SEO strategies to reach more potential customers.

The biggest MISTAKE people and businesses make when it comes to increasing customers using their blog is they focus on the content they think is valuable rather than content that their target market is actually searching FOR! I actually show you how to do this yourself in the video and you can easily copy this tactic for your industry.

Andrew provides a financial advisor with SEO advice on how to improve his personal brand and attract more customers via long-form content.

The key takeaway here is that content marketing is the foundation of which all great brand development strategies derive. It is the shoulder of this giant that will inevitably become the essential piece in business development that we will always stand upon.

Seven Summary Points Below:

1. Use

2. Develop your content marketing strategy based on what your target market is searching for, not what you think they will find valuable. Be data-driven.

3. Keyword research is foundational for a great blogging strategy to build personal brands.

4. Integrate YouTube videos into your blog articles to maximise search engine saturation.

5. Make sure you see what your competitors are developing and make sure you have something better than they do. Lead the way through SEO based thought leadership.

6. Use social media and other highly relevant sites in your industry to promote your content.

7. Email outreach to financial sites and have key reasons ready as to why they should link to your content.

Get an SEO on board when you can 😉

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